A Winning Formula

Established in 2013, Brewhouse was the brainchild of three local businessmen who had the vision of creating a venue with everything under one roof – live music, sporting events, great food and a happy hour written into Cardiff folklore as the very best around.

Things weren’t always this happy though. When Craig Davies and his two partners took over the pub, they inherited the rolling utilities contracts; “It wasn’t the brightest move in retrospect – if we did it again, we’d definitely bring Gareth in from the outset!”

Five-Figure Savings

Craig started working with Gareth Hammond of Commercial Utilities in 2011, after a recommendation from a business associate. As well as Brewhouse, Craig and his partners also ran ‘Retro’, a local nightclub, so with two sets of properties to run the utilities bills were significant.

“Brewhouse alone has a capacity of 600 people – we’re open all day, from morning until late at night night, with a busy kitchen and live bands every day, so you would be right to assume that we do use quite a lot of electricity!”

Gareth was able to instantly effect a five-figure annual saving in the electricity bill alone for Brewhouse, and was then able to repeat this feat for the nightclub. As Craig explains, “Because of the nightclub’s opening hours, Gareth was able to source a great electricity deal using a much lower night-time tariff; this virtually halved our bill.”

Resourceful and Market-savvy

This resourcefulness is something which greatly appeals to Craig, making Gareth’s service unique in the market. As he explains, Gareth isn’t just somebody who monitors spreadsheets and internet quotes for the best renewals, he has market knowledge, and so is able to advise if gas and electricity prices are approaching a low in the wholesale market.

“There have been a number of occasions when Gareth has advised us to sign up for a new deal a few months ahead of our old one expiring to take advantage of the best prices. On each and every occasion, he has saved us money.”

Craig goes on to explain how painless the whole process is – he simply sends Gareth the bills and then Gareth does the rest.

“Gareth in a nutshell? He’s dead easy to deal with, and manages to make the whole process more simple than you could ever do it yourself. What more can I say?”

For live music, sport, and great food & drink when in Cardiff, visit www.BrewhouseCardiff.com