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"As soon as Gareth switched us, we started saving over £500 on our monthly gas and electricity bills, which helped our bottom line profitability enormously.
The suppliers kept on giving us wrong information about when we would be allowed to exit the contract – it created an unbelievable amount of hassle and stress.
As soon as Gareth turned up it was immediately clear that he was very professional and knew exactly what he was talking about.
Without Gareth’s help, I don’t think we’d have had the energy or know-how to be able to get out of those contracts, and thank goodness, I don't have to deal with that stuff anymore."

Jamie Slater, Landlord, The Griffen Pub. Click here to read Jamie's story

“Gareth calmly dealt with the situation and stopped the energy company from cutting us off that day. I was so relieved. He then looked at the numbers and worked out that rather than me owing them £6000, they actually owed me!”

Landlady, The Hanover Arms. Click here to read the landlady's story

"Gareth in a nutshell? He’s really easy to deal with, and manages to make the whole process more simple than you could ever do yourself.  Because of the nightclub’s opening hours, Gareth was able to source a great electricity deal using a much lower night-time tariff; this virtually halved our bill.  There have been a number of occasions when Gareth has advised us to sign up for a new deal a few months ahead of our old one expiring to take advantage of the best prices. On each and every occasion, he has saved us money."

Craig Davies, Part Owner, Brewhouse and Retro. Click here to read Craig's story

"Using Gareth saves me a huge amount of work and hassle. I had a bill from my electricity supplier which appeared eye-wateringly high. I simply passed this on to Gareth and asked him to look into it. It turned out that I had been billed in error using quarterly figures but on a monthly basis. That sort of error would have taken me ages to rectify, but with Gareth’s help, I can keep on top of all these issues and have them dealt with straight away. Gareth is very personable, easy to deal with, and gives it to me straight – which I really appreciate. Having him around makes my life a heck of a lot easier"

Joseph Lahey, General Manager, TMS Restaurants. Click her to read Joseph’s story

"Gareth is just a godsend! I trust him completely. Whenever anything official arrives, I just forward it onto him and he tells me what to do with it. It's not just the money – it can take so much time on the phone if you don't know the right person to be put through to. Then, you can get stuck in an automated system for absolutely ages and end up not speaking to anybody!
He's proved himself to me over and over again."

Emma Davies, Landlady, The George and Dragon and The Black Horse. Click here to read Emma’s story

"As my business grows and we open more restaurants around the UK, we will continue to trust Gareth at Commercial Utilities to look after us and to find us the best deals on our energy. This level of trust means that I can focus on doing what I love – providing our diners with the best quality experience and fantastic food."

Mark Power, Restaurant Owner, The Smoke Haus. Click here to read Mark's story

"We were amazed to have saved £5,000 on our electricity and £1,300 on our gas bill for the next 12 months! We would unreservedly recommend that not just pubs but all businesses use Commercial Utilities"

Glyn White, Pub Landlord, Cardiff

"Commercial Utilities have saved us over £24,000 compared to last year on our electricity deals. We are delighted with the saving and service and would recommend them to any business."

Caravan Park Owner

"Commercial Utilities took away my headache and sorted everything out for me. Not only did this save us valuable time, but also over £6,250; this is a saving of 43% on our annual electricity bill."

Arwel Evans, FD of Manufacturing Firm