Electricity and Gas


  • How much should I be paying?
  • Which supplier is the best for me?
  • What length contract suits my business?

We help you to choose the right deal for you, and help to manage your energy account throughout the year.

We have saved clients over 50% on their current contracts, amounting to £100,000’s


We will:

  • Consider whole of market when pricing
  • Display this in a meaningful comparison
  • If appropriate, manage the switch to a new supplier OR
  • Manage the renewal process with the existing suppliers
    for Electricity and Gas


Many people feel that given the volatile nature of the energy market, longer term deals are the best option. This is not always the case. We provide analysis showing how price fluctuations will affect your costs. This will give you full information to base your longer term energy purchase strategy.

Moving Into New Premises

If you have just moved into premises, it can often be the case that sorting out your energy contracts is way down on your list of priorities. This can be a big mistake as you can end up paying up to double contract rates. This can often cost a company thousands. We will find your supply details and provide you with the best options. We will manage the whole process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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