How we work for you

We are an independent utility consultancy with access to over 20 years of experience. Our years of working with clients tell us that each client is unique and all have different considerations when choosing their commercial gas and electricity contracts.

Not only will we ensure that you are on market competitive rates, but we will also advise on deal length, service levels, sectors and credit. Working with us ensures that you receive a fully managed service.


Negotiating Contracts

The energy and telecoms market can be complicated to both understand and navigate, with over 20 commercial energy suppliers and countless telecoms companies to choose from.

To ensure the best deal for you:

We go to the market and tender your supply
We negotiate with the suppliers to get the most competitive rates to suit your business
We then present it to you in a simple format
We talk through the options, enabling you to make the best decision


In addition to ensuring that you always remain on market competitive rates, it is vital that your energy account is managed through the year.

Account management is all part or four service and our undertaking to you.

We will deal with any supplier queries that you have, but will also call regularly to take your meter readings, thereby checking your bills are correct, and that you never fall inadvertently into debt, and just as importantly, that you are not overpaying.

Our Aim

Our aim is to become the outsourced utility arm of your business, providing you with a first class service from negotiation to servicing; ensuring excellent rates and account management.

To talk to us over how we can help you, please contact us